vamrr is building and accelerating the Indian Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality Ecosystem

vamrr™ is building the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality ecosystem In India. Our team comes with decades of experience and expertise in building ecosystems, with a zeal and commitment to excellence and with boundless enthusiasm for the potential that the upcoming Immersive Age holds for all of us.
  • Self Awareness As An Industry
  • Structuring & Organizing
  • Talent & Skilling
  • Evangelizing & Awareness
  • International Network Development
  • Industry Networking & Knowledge
  • Community Building
  • Talent Outreach & Grooming
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Curriculum Development, Delivery & Upgradation
  • VR Lab Setup Advisory, Implementation & Project Management


  • Conferences & Expos
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Ecosystem Engagement
  • Knowledge Consulting
  • Demand Engine
  • Global Connect


4205 professionals from 2000+ companies, from across 8 Cities in India have participated at 32 Conferences organized by vamrr™ in the past 20 months. The conferences have been supported by Autodesk | NVIDIA | HP | Intel | Unity. TAKEAWAYS
  • Knowledge
  • Insights
  • Experience Demos (As VR AR have to be experienced to be fully understood)
  • Industry Networking
  • Leads
  • Access to Latest Technology Demos
  • Access to Discounts & Privileged Pricing on Technology & Events
  • Be Heard (If you want to and have something to say)
  • Get Queries Answered
  • Positioning, Messaging & Communication
  • Showcase (For those who have innovative content & tech demos)
  • vamrr VRDevcon  

    Focused on Development, Design & Research in Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality. Keynotes | Hands on Workshops | Panel Discussions | Parallel tracks on development and design of VR AR MR | Technology Insights | Showcase | Interface | Launches of relevant SDKs, Demos hardware & middle ware by the community.

  • vamrr Vertical Focus 

    Focused on Interfacing a  specific Industry vertical (for eg, Retail / Health / Automotive) with the VR AR MR ecosystem. The content includes Case Studies | PoC Expo | RoI | Adoption | Challenges | Critical Milestones. Perspectives and insights from the Industry vertical are exchanged along with insights and solution potential highlighted by the VR AR MR ecosystem.

  •  vamrr Corporate Connect 

     Focused on exposing large scale corporate to the new possibilities and potential of VR AR MR. Held at the Corporate’s premises.

  • vamrr CampusConnect

    vamrr works with Schools, Colleges, Institutions & Universities to create Pitches Competitions, Expos, Seminars and Panels to bring youngsters to have a closer glimpse and insight into the VR AR MR space.

  • vamrr Round Tables

    Held with Thought Leaders, Innovators &  Pioneers, the vamrr Round Tables focus on specific themes, topics and verticals.  Insights from the round tables will soon be available on the vamrr video channel on youtube.