vamrr™  is building the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality ecosystem In India.  Our team comes with decades of experience and expertise in building ecosystems, with a zeal and commitment to excellence and with boundless enthusiasm for the potential that the upcoming Immersive Age holds for all of us.
SELF AWARENESS AS AN INDUSTRY Firstly, making individual & companies that are working in silos across the length and breadth of the country, to become aware of each other and their existence not just as individual companies, not as clusters but as an Industry.
STRUCTURING & ORGANIZING vamrr™  is working with a very structured and organized plan to facilitate networking, knowledge & resource sharing, collaboration, Business Transactions, healthy competition in the pursuit of excellence and peer driven quality benchmarks.
TALENT & SKILLING vamrr™  is continuously involved in student outreach activities, in informing them about the opportunities and challenges in the space. It is also involved in training and skilling through partnerships and in synergy with Industry.
EVANGELIZING & AWARENESS The promotion and evangelizing of VR AR MR is the central goal of vamrr™  This includes separate teams focusing on Enterprise Evangelism to different Industry verticals and it includes Consumer Evangelism where we take VR Experiences to the public. It also includes communication and keeping the mainstream media more up to date with developments in this space and its potential for the near future.
INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION  vamrr™  has a global reach and it is seamlessly plugged into the global Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality ecosystem.  We organize Pavilions, Delegations, Festivals, Awards, and also participate at various Industry Conferences and expos around the world.  The vamrr news and information updates are being planned to cater to the Indian ecosystem as well as the global ecosystem.
 Please look below for solutions that we offer.


INDUSTRY NETWORKING &  KNOWLEDGE vamrr™ organizes very focused and meticulously detailed conferences, round tables, workshops and events on Virtual Augmented & Mixed Reality. We do this across the length and breadth of the country and across a length and breadth and depth of verticals, processes and topics. Visit a vamrr™ conference and you are bound to keep coming back for more Insights, more business, more knowledge and to network and stay connected to the community.
COMMUNITY BUILDING There are many ways in which you can work with us and help further structure, organize and build the Indian Virtual Augmented Reality ecosystem.  Reach out to us and let’s converse.
TALENT OUTREACH & GROOMING Find talent for your teams and projects, or work with us to manage grooming of Raw promising talent to be ready and up to skills for your recruitment and team building efforts.
MARKETING & COMMUNICATION If your technology can help companies create better VR AR MR. Work with us to promote your technology solutions & product to the Indian ecosystem.  From Strategy to Execution, to ROI Assessment and course correction, we work with a focus on outcomes. Check out these links to see which brands and companies have preferred vamrr™ to drive their marketing & engagement agenda with the Indian Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality Ecosystem.
CURRICULUM  DEVELOPMENT, DELIVERY & UPGRADATION vamrr™ works with experts and studios across the world to help build curriculum, advise on enhancement of existing curriculum as well as in delivery of your course in and keeping it refreshed and up to date.
VR LAB SETUP ADVISORY, IMPLEMENTATION &  PROJECT MANAGEMENT We harness our unique position to ensure that the setup, budgeting and functioning of your lab are designed in mind keeping your end goals. Another Unique advantage we offer like no other is the engagement and integration of your lab with the ecosystem.


NEWS, INFORMATION & INSIGHTS Launching very soon, with processes begun, vamrr™ will shortly commence publishing News, Information and Insights that will help educate and inform your understanding of the very rapidly evolving landscape of the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality space. We promise to bring you comprehensive, in-depth and in time updates and angles and perspectives that will resonate with our vision of welcoming the Immersive Age. MARKETPLACE Connect with 100s of vendors & potential partners (companies as well as freelance talent) for your Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality Projects. Place RFPs and receive bids.
ADVICE, KNOWLEDGE & CONSULTING. Count on us for deep, insightful advice on how to effectively harness Immersive Technology within your project lifecycle or end product. And for helping you choose the right partners & vendors for your projects.
INDUSTRY DATA & REPORTS vamrr™ is working on the Indian Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality & Immersive Technologies Annual Report. The same will provide data, statistics, trends, projections and an understanding about the scale and directions in which the Industry is evolving. The report will be published in December 2017.
CONSUMER INSIGHTS vamrr™ has a dedicated unit focused on consumer awareness, sampling and insights. Festivals, Workshops, On Campus Demos as well as several alliances with Events, Brand Activations and Measurment and Analytics companies are in the offing.