vamrr™ In the Scene | Virtual Reality & The Future of Media & Entertainment

Dedicated to Virtual Reality in Media & Entertainment. The new opportunities it offers to Film Makers, Content Creators, Media & Entertainment Business, Production and Distribution.

Date: Saturday, 3 June  2017 | Time: 10 am to 6:00 pm   Venue: Whistling Woods International, Film City, Mumbai

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Registration & Networking

9:30Hrs Registration | Networking & Open Mic

Insights & Keynotes

10:00Hrs | Welcome to the Immersive Age Anand Gurnani, Founder, vamrr™

10:10Hrs | KEYNOTE Virtual Reality ROI & Monetization across Media Entertainment Streams The VR industry is growing at a ferocious rate. Billions of dollars are poured in to make VR a reality and go beyond the hype. This has led to a new breed of VR studios or forced existing players to start exploring VR content market but in the midst of it all, there is a constant question that’s being asked: “How will you make money?”. This keynote shares some answers.. Rajat Ojha, Founder, TAGS Inc

10:40Hrs | KEYNOTE  Building a language for VR Film Making & Content Creation Understanding the unique content characteristics of fictional VR Story Telling in order to create India’s 1st generation of fiction VR story tellers & film makers………………………………. Chaitanya Chinchlikar, CTO & VP  Whistling Woods International & Mukta Arts

11:10Hrs  | New Mediums for Immersive Entertainment From events to theme parks, from gaming to arcades, from news and journalism to documentaries, from broadcast to movies, Virtual Reality has a new paradigm to offer in every segment. In this panel, we deep dive into the potential, the current scenario and what the future holds.
  • Jai Maroo, Director, Shemaroo

  • Parveez Nasaym, Managing Director, Xenium Digital

  • Ashwin D’silva, Managing Director [Social | Video], Accenture

  • Ninan E C, Investment Advisor, AI & VR, WEH Ventures

  • Kshitij Vedak, Director, Immersity Infotech

  • Saurabh Verma, Film Maker, Director, Mickey Virus

  • Chaitanya Chinchlikar, CTO & VP  Whistling Woods International & Mukta Arts

  • Anand Gurnani, Founder, vamrr™

12:00Hrs  | HP & VR

Kaushik Shaw, Market Development Manager, Workstations, HP India

12:20Hrs | Live Action Virtual Reality Film Making
  • Zain Memon, VR Film Maker & Co Founder, Memesys Culture Lab

  • Evan Wexler, VR Film Maker

    Why is VR so fascinating to film makers. What is the process of making VR films? The challenges that lie ahead and the future of the medium.

13:00Hrs |  Break 


Knowledge & Perspectives

13:45 Hrs | Address by Rahul Puri, Managing Director, Mukta Arts

13:55 Hrs | Address by Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods International

14:05Hrs |  VR  & Gamification Jason Rogers, Co Founder, Studio 27

14:25Hrs | Global Opportunities for AR VR Startups at the Frankfurt Book Fair Prashasti Rastogi, Director, German Book Office, Delhi

14:45Hrs |  The VFX Production Pipeline for Virtual Reality Shajy Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, Moving Picture Company India

15:15Hrs | Virtual & Augmented Frontiers in Gaming

  • Anand Jha, CEO, Nilee Games

  • Siddhesh Meher, Co-Founder, QubeVR

  • Pratik Khatanhar, Director, Digifury Media Solutions

  • Ninad Chhaya, Co Founder, GoPhygital

  • Rajat Ojha, Founder, TAGS Inc

  • Anand Gurnani, Founder, vamrr™

15:55Hrs | Virtual Reality in Ad Film Making

Ashish Limaye, CEO, Happy Finish India

Experience Demos

Experience Demos in the Demo Zone Area showcasing Technology & Content

Featuring HP |  Autodesk | Enso Immersive | Memesys Culture Lab | Baytree Digital

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