Insights & Perspectives

10.30Hrs Welcome & Presentation By vamrr™

10.40Hrs A Word from Strategic Partner Whistling Woods

10:50Hrs Knowledge Keynote: “Unity’s best practices for VR/AR and tips on how to create VR for Cinematic Experiences and games.”
Arvind Neelakantan, Unity Product Evangelist

11:50Hrs Tea Break

12:10Hrs Transforming Professional VR | NVIDIA & HP
Shridhar Garge – Head, Professional Visualisation, Nvidia

12:30Hrs Leadership Keynote | From Consumer Layer To Industrial Layer: What It Takes To Build AR & VR Solutions
Pravin Hungund, Chief Technologist, India & Middle East, Wipro Technologies

13:15Hrs Break | Networking | Demos

14:00Hrs  Presentations & Interactive Panel
Development Design & Research Opportunities & Challenges In AR & VR
Jignesh Talasila, Founder, Loop Reality
Pankaj Raut, CEO, Dimensions NXG
Dhyey Shah, Co-Founder, 4dea
Parth Choksi, Co-Founder, Meraki VR
Girish Dhakephalkar, Founder & Ceo, Shoonya Game Technologies
Kshitij Goenka, Co-Founder, Enso Immmersive
Murli Ramkrishnan, Group CEO, SeeInside, Inc
Moderated By Anand Gurnani, Founder, Vamrr™

Workshops & Knowledge Sharing

Classroom 1

16:00Hrs Bringing Intelligence to & Integrating Hardware with Virtual Worlds Jignesh Talasila, Founder, Loop Reality

17:00Hrs Live Action VR Technology: Camera, Stitching & Beyond
Parth Choksi, Co-Founder, Meraki VR

17:30Hrs UX Design For VR Applications
Girish Dhakephalkar, Founder & CEO, Shoonya Game Technologies

Classroom 2

16:00Hrs Powering your Mobile VR Game with Positional Tracking
Pankaj Raut, CEO, Dimensions NXG

This is a hands on workshop, please bring your laptop with graphic card, along for this workshop. Android Phone with USB Wire. Unity Installed on laptop.

16:45Hrs From Months to Minutes: Unleash the Power Of VR Within Your Own Product Dhyey Shah, Co-Founder, 4Dea 

17:30Hrs Optimization Techniques in VR for Your Games And Apps
Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Virtualinfocom

Work Lab & Experience Demos


15:00Hrs to 16Hrs
VR Experience & Technology Demos | Industry Networking | Raffle |
This 1 hour, there will be no parallel sessions and everyone will be under one roof for networking and experiencing The Latest VR & AR Demos – as well as the technology used in creating the content.

Technology Demos

VR Content & Experience Demos

  • Mixed Reality (Holo Lens) Demos by Parallax Labs

  • Gesture Controlled Applications & Room Scale VR demo by Enso Immersive

  • Disrupting Mobile VR through AI, Positional Tracking – demo by Dimensions NXG

16Hrs to 19Hrs
VR Experience & Technology Demos Continue